Thursday, 4 August 2011


Today is a stressful day.

I'm still off work, in the certain knowledge that when I go to work tomorrow two weeks worth of missed crises will all descend on me at once, keen that I shouldn't miss a moment of the fun and games. I have a £40,000 analyser to try and fix (it needs attention every day and will have utterly broken by now), zillions of people to bleed, an anxious boss to deal with, a ton of other stuff to chase up, two weeks of important but unsupervised work from my assistant to look at (goodness knows what he's been up to; I heard rumours of him screwing things up the other day that have left me in cold sweats ever since). Somehow I have to get everything done and ready for me to take next week off; all in the space of one day. Joy.

My parents are currently up at the hospital where my dad is being put through a barrage of tests; an MRI scan, some other kind of scan I've never heard of, and an endoscope. I was supposed to go with them, but at the last minute got told to stay home instead; I've been pacing the living room for two hours now and trying not to smash anything or scream. I'm so bloody nervous - what if it's really bad? Worse than the really bad I'm already picturing? What the hell am I gonna do if it is?

There's other things too; I'm not going to whine on about them here, same old rubbish with money and vehicles and all that jazz. Oh and the huge flare up of psoriasis from all the stress is a bundle of fun, too. Yay :/

No wonder I've lost 14 pounds and don't seem to want to do anything but hide and sleep these days. If I didn't still have *some* contact with friends both online and otherwise, albeit much reduced these days, my new hobby of blogging (both beauty blogging and this personal blog) and *some* amount of role play, I think I'd be in an even worse state by now.

Anyone got some good luck they could spare? Could do with something good happening right now. Next week's my last time off work until at least November... it'd be nice to at least get through the week without something bad going down...