Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Shopping, cooking and mystery...

Today was a good day!

I'm still too deformed to face work; the swelling's gone down a lot but it was replaced with cardboard-stiff eyelids that wouldn't open properly. To try and cheer me up, mum drove me to the shops (I hid my scary looking eyes behind my shades like some kind of celeb, even in the shop... the staff must have thought I was a right poser!) where I bought about a bazillion things in the sale at Peacocks with my birthday money. It's been toooo long since I had new clothes and their sale was so cheap; everything seemed to be £3!

Then I came home and discovered some lovely nail mail had arrived: Zoya Breezi and Orly Sapphire Silk, plus a mini selection box of four polishes from the Essie Brazilliant Collection: Super Bossa Nova, Brazilliant, Meet Me at Sunset and Smooth Sailing. All birthday presents courtesy of the 'ebay voucher' my lovely friend sent me on Friday :)

There was one other parcel too: a Dove Summer Glow facial moisturiser-come-self tanning lotion that I didn't order and have no idea why it's here. It could be an ebay mix up with someone sending me the wrong thing; or possibly I won it in a competition from the Superdrug website (though I don't remember entering one for facial tan but you never know). Oddly, it has no return address and no accompanying note either. Very strange.

I've also been busy attempting to fix my immune system and skin. If you hear rattling when I walk, it'll be the multivitamin, vitamin B, vitamin D and Selenium I took this morning. I also cooked myself dinner: boiled potatoes, peas and Quorn fishless fingers.

I was too tired to make anything pretty and I wanted comfort food; this reminds me of dinner as a kid (only back then it was actual fish fingers).

More later; for now I'm off to play with new clothes and paint my nails :)