Monday, 8 August 2011

I'm gonna enjoy this if it kills me

So here I am at the start of my last week off work this side of November; the last week off was terrible and the week-I-was-meant-to-be-at-work-but-was-sick-for-four-days-instead was even worse.

I'm determined this week will be amazing. It owes me one.

So... I'm up, dressed, the kid is dressed and on his Xbox, the Mr has gone to work, I have some Bob Marley on the stereo giving us a nice 'chill out' vibe, and I'm thinking about painting my nails. Chill out day today... might put on some DVDs later and have a cinema-at-home with popcorn and ice cream. At some point I need to bathe the fleabag dog and tame the teetering pile of laundry, plus kick the kitchen into shape, but... eh.

I had a good day on Saturday; I went to town to buy blond hair dye for the Mr (which I've since done and he loves, finally worked out how to defeat his 'I go ginger no matter what you do to me' difficult hair colour) and whilst I was in Superdrug I got some new perfume. Also, the guy in the video game shop gave me 1/3 off for no apparent reason (saving me £15, yay) and some random drive-by guy wolf whistled at me in the street. I'm secretly chuffed about that, since it doesn't happen very often, hehe.

Sunday wasn't bad either; my sister in law visited and it seems as though she will very soon swap flats with the woman who lives opposite us... this is exciting news! Sis-in-law is awesome and fun and all sorts of one-woman-girlie-support-network, it's gonna be great having her that close again.

Bad stuff this weekend included DH doing a ton of clearing out in the bedroom: technically a good thing but it stirred up so much dust that two days later I'm still a bubbling, sneezing wreck despite massive amounts of antihistamines. My eyes have decided they kinda enjoyed swelling up last week, so they jumped on the bandwagon; nothing as scary as before but there's red, puffy itchiness that has forced me into using the steroid cream the doc gave me (was hoping to avoid it, I hate steroid rebound).

Overall not a bad weekend; little nervous about tomorrow (hospital results day for dad) but trying not to think about it too much. Now... I'm gonna go and paint my nails!