Thursday, 7 June 2012

I swear I'm still here

So.... yeah. I wrote all that blurb about 6 months ago on how I was gonna turn my life around and become wonderful and blog like a mad thing and so on and so forth, all with the rabid enthusiasm of a well meaning new-years-resolutionee, and then what happened? Nothing much. Quelle surprise.

Let's try that again, shall we?

I'm not going to bother writing out 6 months worth of updates, because I'd get overwhelmed and give up half way and I won't remember half of it anyway. So here's the short short version.

Basically, Dad's had the all clear on his cancer. Mum's retired from work. DH is still at his job and doing OK. DS is growing like a weed and costing me a fortune in new clothes. My job has rejigged itself somewhat and is less of a trial, though probably just temporarily, not that I'm complaining about even just a short break from tearing out my hair. I've also had a great review from work, which is good but pointless since we can't have pay rises this year. Money is shit, we owe too much, and I'm trying to sort it out without getting overwhelmed (not easy).

As to all those new year resolutions, well they weren't too pointless after all. I didn't do as much as I'd hoped but I didn't sit around picking my nose either. Here's a summary:

Body - my plans to work out got derailed pretty early. Lots of stuff happened and I never seemed to get time or energy to go on the running machine, which was always covered in DH's washing and I could never be bothered to keep moving it all. Bah. Never mind, I haven't put weight on or got any LESS fit, and last week DH moved the treadmill down to the living room for me so hopefully I can get back on the wagon there and actually do some running. Maybe.
Food - I didn't become a wonder woman of perfect meals and healthy healthness. I still eat way too much junk. But I have made steps in the right direction. I have stopped having sandwiches for dinner every night because I'm too tired or stressed to cook something decent. I've reduced the amount of crap I eat significantly. Still need to do more, but I'm happy with my progress so far. Onwards and upwards!
Skin - this is where I've made most progress. In the last 6 months I've managed to cure myself of all the cystic acne that was plaguing me, and probably 75% of the blackheads. I still have some way to go but honestly I'm so pleased with how much better my skin looks already - it's the clearest it's been for YEARS.
Girlieness - I've done pretty well here too. I've made a lot more effort with my clothes and have rediscovered how good it feels to wear bright and cheerful colours, jewellery and nice make up. I haven't managed to wear too many skirts, but mostly that's because it's been completely freezing most of the time and/or I haven't had the right shoes. Why is it so hard to find nice shoes at the moment? But I have at least upgraded my jeans to nicer ones and when we did get some nice weather I worked the dresses and skirts like a BAWSE. Also, I discovered the joys of eyebrow waxing bars!

Anyway there's lots more but we won't worry about that now. Gonna just focus on the future instead. Watch this space :)